The Golden Superbrand Serbia Award

It is an honor to inform you that the Institute for Byzantine Studies was awarded with the Golden Superbrand Serbia Award on 13th June 2016, in Metropol Palace Hotel, for its great contribution to science and culture in Serbia. On this occasion efforts of the Institute in the organization of the 23rd International Congress of Byzantine Studies, an event of great importance for the Byzantinists in Serbia and abroad, as well as for the Republic of Serbia, were especially emphasized.

Promotion of ΠΕΡΙΒΟΛΟΣ-Mélanges offerts à Mirjana Živojinović I-II

It is our pleasure to announce the promotion of ΠΕΡΙΒΟΛΟΣ-Mélanges offerts à Mirjana Živojinović I-II which will take place on 2nd February at 13:00, at the Main hall of the SASA. Professor Ljubomir Maksimović, vice-president of the SASA, Professor Miodrag Marković, corresponding member of the SASA and Dr Dejan Dželebdžić, Research Associate at the Institute for Byzantine Studies and the editor of  ΠΕΡΙΒΟΛΟΣ  will present the Volume.


It is our pleasure to announce that The Serbian Committee for Byzantine Studies and The Institute for Byzantine Studies of the SASA organize The Sixth National Conference of Byzantine Studies in Belgrade, 18-21 June, 2015.
The conference will have three thematic sessions.
The main session is dedicated to The Kingdom and Archbishopric of Serbian and Maritime lands of the Nemanjić dynasty-towards the 800th Anniversary of the Kingdom and the Autocephalous Church of Serbia. The other two sessions are dedicated to general Byzantine topics and to the challenges of the Contemporary Byzantine Studies. The members of the Organising Committee are: dr Djordje Bubalo, dr Smilja Marjanović Dušanić, dr Srdjan Pirivatrić, dr Milan Radujko and Miloš Cvetković, Ph.D Candidate (secretary). You can check the program here