International cooperation

The Institute for Byzantine Studies of the SASA has an established tradition of cooperating with similar research institutions in the world. Some of our publications are among the results of that cooperation: Actes de Chilandar I (with The Institute for Byzantine Studies in Paris, 1995) and The Byzantine Province in Change. On the Threshold between the 10th and the 11th Century (with The Institute for Byzantine Studies in Athens, 2008). Based on the bilateral agreement of Serbia and Greece on the cultural and scientific cooperation, the Institute for Byzantine Studies of the SASA and the Institute for Byzantine Research in Athens have carried out a joint project (2005–2006) on the Serbian-Byzantine relations prior to the Turkish conquest. Researchers of the Institute have taken part in the project L’image de l’autre (2006–2008) coordinated by the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade (Department for Byzantine Studies) and University of Sorbonne–Paris IV.

Collaboration with institutes of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences has been developing through number of projects: with the the Institute of Balkan Studies and the Center of Thracology on projects The Balkans as a Global Crossroads: Encounter and Exchange (2014–2016), Voices and Images of the Medieval Balkans (4th–16th Century) (2017–2019) and Secular and Religious Life in the Medieval Balkans (2020–2022); with the Institute for Literature on the project Bulgarian-Serbian and Serbian-Bulgarian mutual relations in the 14th century in the context of Byzantine civilization (2017–). The Institute has also established cooperation with the scientific institutions in Austria (Institut für Mittelalterforschung der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Abteilung Byzanzforschung), Romania (Institute for Southeast European Studies of the Romanian Academy) and Hungary (Eötvös József Collegium – ELTE). From 2019, together with Hungarian colleauges, it organizes an international conference Byzanz und das Abendland in Budapest.

The ongoing principal project of the Institute Tradition, Innovation and Identity in the Byzantine World was of an international character, engaging colleagues from Germany, Austria and Greece. The editorial board of ZRVI likewise has strong international presence with distinguished scholars from countries with well-established Byzantology tradition (Austria, Russia, Greece, France, and Germany). Associates of the Institute further contribute to international cooperation through membership in boards of notable foreign journals, academic associations and institutions.

Since its foundation, the Institute for Byzantine Studies has hosted a number of foreign researchers and University professors, who gave lectures or participated at scholarly meetings. Associates of the Institute have been a part of the Yugoslav (now called Serbian) Committee for Byzantine Studies. The president of honour of the Committee Ljubomir Maksimović is currently vice-president of honour of the Association international des études Byzantines (AIEB).