The Institute is well known for its publishing activities. Since 1952 to the present day, 51 volumes of Zbornik radova Vizantološkog instituta - ZRVI (Recueil des travaux de l’institute d’études byzantines) have been published. This periodical is a world-renowned publication, often quoted in the most significant works in the field of Byzantine studies in the world. The 50th volume of ZRVI will be dedicated to academician Ljubomir Maksimović, director of the Institute.

The Institute has also published 43 separate monographs, among which are 5 volumes (out of 7) of Byzantine Sources for the History of the Peoples of Yugoslavia. Special edition No 44 is currently in preparation – ΠΕΡΙΒΟΛΟΣ (Festschrift), dedicated to academician Mirjana Živojinović.